Monday, April 30, 2007

Organic Agriculture and Energy Policy

Last week, I gave a detailed analysis of Energy Consumption in the Chemical Industry, and one of the most disturbing factoids was how inefficient that sector is. Ingredients needed for fertilizers and pesticides account for big chunk of Chemical manufacturing, so by supporting locally-grown Organic agriculture we realize significant savings in fossil fuels.

Organic agriculture has several environmental and ecological advantages over conventional crop production methods, but in this post I wanted to highlight its Energy advantages. Regardless of whether you believe Organic foods have health advantages, the fact that it is significantly more Energy Efficient should be enough to change some of your purchase decisions. By emphasizing Energy Efficiency, I am taking advantage of Green Energy's growing popularity. You can't read the news without coming across more endorsements in support of a Green Energy policy.

So with apologies to Al Gore, I put together a three and half minute slide show to demonstrate why Organic agriculture is a key component of any energy efficient economy. For a closer to a full screen version, click HERE.

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