Thursday, March 20, 2008

Occassional Dimes

  • Robert Parker: Charlie Rose devotes a full hour to the world's most influential wine critic.

  • Unrest in Tibet (plus elections in Taiwan): Recent hour-long discussion on KQED's Forum.

  • The remaining entries are on health care related topics.

  • Treating the Numbers: Treating the numbers refers to the tendency of some Doctors "... to get a patient's test results to a certain target, which they assume will treat — or prevent — disease. But earlier this year, a study on a widely used cholesterol drug challenged that assumption."

  • Publicly-funded clinical trials of prescription drugs: Researchers highlight the many benefits of junking the current system, which relies heavily on Big Pharma.

  • Outsourcing the Patients: U.S. insurance companies are realizing that it is cheaper to have medical procedures performed overseas -- even after the cost of travel for patients and their families are included. Let's see if this revives supersonic travel!

  • Medical Tourism and Thailand: Not only are more Americans checking into Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, the hospital has announced an alliance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina. Bumrungrad is one of the top hospitals in Thailand.

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    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    Occassional Dimes

  • Remote Area Medical: CBS profiles this amazing organization founded to provide medical care to people in the developing world. What Americans may not be aware of is that 60% of their operation serves uninsured/underinsured people in rural and urban America.

  • Arguments mount for a National Healthcare system: I'm in favor of a national system, as long as its not a monopoly.

  • LA Times on Chuck Feeney: I blogged on Chuck Feeney late last year and I truly believe he is a role model not just for the super rich, but for a lot of upper middle class people.

  • Battery Technology: The Economist gives an overview of the history and current state of research in car batteries. Great reading for proponents of plug-in hybrids or electric vehicles.

  • Bug Labs: Hardware hacking just got easier. Open source hardware mashups for the rest of us.

  • Previous Dimes can be found here.

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