Monday, June 11, 2007

Occasional Dimes

  • The Strange Rise of Modern India: This is a must-read book on the world's largest democracy, incredibly well-written. Here is a recent interview with the author.

  • Danish Wind Sector runs into problems: "A conservative government has changed the rules of the game: Subsidies for wind-generated electricity have been reduced and planning rules for new turbines tightened. As a consequence, the flourishing market is stalling. In 2006, Denmark installed only 11 megawatts of new turbines, compared with the 2,200 megawatts installed in its big southern neighbor, Germany."

  • Large-scale production of Hydrogen using an Aluminum alloy: From Science Friday.

  • Going Green: A special broadcast from the Peabody award-winning program To The Best of Our Knowledge.

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