Monday, August 27, 2007

The Devil Came On Horseback

There is finally a documentary that I hope will generate the momentum needed to put a halt to the crisis in Darfur. The Devil Came On Horseback follows one person's journey from the Marine Corps to full time activist and speaker. What makes the film so powerful is the graphic footage, photos and testimony that puts to rest any doubts about whether genocide is taking place. As the film documents, the Sudanese government and the Janjaweed are quite precise in their actions: villages are first bombed from the air, villagers brutally murdered, and huts are methodically and individually set on fire.

While the Sudanese government and the Janjaweed are to blame for this unfolding catastrophe, pressure should be applied to
  • The Chinese government who manage/control 80% of the oil resources in Sudan.
  • The US government for declaring that a genocide is taking place, but failing to lobby hard for UN intervention. The Bush administration allegedly regards the Sudanese government as an important source of information about Al Qaeda, and is therefore reluctant to act aggressively. Please send a hand written note to your members of congress ASAP.
  • The Arab and Islamic countries, for not vigorously condemning and isolating the Sundanese government. Al Jazeera should be all over this issue with the same intensity that it covers events in the Middle East.
The UN refuses to send peace keeping troops unless the Sudanese governments invites them in. Unfortunately, such an invite won't be sent anytime soon. The UN needs to send peace keepers now!

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