Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Occassional Dimes

  • The Story of Stuff: One of the BEST online videos I have watched. An incredibly well-produced video addressing consumerism, industrial design, sustainability, and social justice. Its about 15 minutes long, but I highly recommend you watch it in its entirety.

  • Toxic Chemicals (The E.U. and the U.S.): As the child of Chemistry professors, I have always been aware of the role of chemicals in everyday products. In this episode of Fresh Air, author Mark Schapiro highlights the difference in regulatory philosophy between the EU and the US.

  • Biodiesel in SF: The City of San Francisco launches a program to collect cooking oil from participating restaurants. The goal is to make the converted biodiesel available to residents and eventually to power city-owned vehicles.

  • Fresh Pain For The Uninsured: In the past U.S. hospitals worked with uninsured patients and together both parties would agree on a reasonable payment plan. Recently, hospitals (including non-profit hospitals) have been selling patients debts' to "debt collection specialists", making healthcare debt subject to the same aggressive tactics found in the credit card, mortgage, and auto industries. Truly depressing article!

  • Five Easy Ways to go Organic: From the Dr. Alan Greene.

  • Fashion and Security: Combine the Japanese known security/crime phobia, their inventiveness, and the Japanese media hyping criminal incidents, and you get hilarious camouflage fashion!

  • Google Chart API: Really simple to use, I expect this to get some traction.

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