Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Occassional Dimes

  • Remote Area Medical: CBS profiles this amazing organization founded to provide medical care to people in the developing world. What Americans may not be aware of is that 60% of their operation serves uninsured/underinsured people in rural and urban America.

  • Arguments mount for a National Healthcare system: I'm in favor of a national system, as long as its not a monopoly.

  • LA Times on Chuck Feeney: I blogged on Chuck Feeney late last year and I truly believe he is a role model not just for the super rich, but for a lot of upper middle class people.

  • Battery Technology: The Economist gives an overview of the history and current state of research in car batteries. Great reading for proponents of plug-in hybrids or electric vehicles.

  • Bug Labs: Hardware hacking just got easier. Open source hardware mashups for the rest of us.

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