Friday, February 29, 2008

Occassional Dimes

  • From Geeks to Greens: The Economist on Silicon Valley's fascination with green technologies.

  • A World of Bananas: An expert weighs in on the best tasting banana in the world. His choice? The lakatan from the Philippines.

  • Made In Italy: Italy's leading brands are increasingly relying on Chinese workers toiling in sweatshop conditions. What happened to the famed EU labor laws?

  • Hydroelectric Power Without Dams: Freestanding underwater turbines are starting to get deployed in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Was it a good idea to move to lead-free solder joints?: Robert Cringley raises some interesting points.

  • Biofuel Stations in California: The lack of fueling stations gets Sacramento's attention. Why don't they promote recharging stations for electric vehicles instead.

  • The EU and the ASEAN: The EU is closely following the ASEAN's attempts at integration.

  • Previous Dimes can be found here.

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